My Impressions of Monte and What Meeting Him Has Meant to Me

by Eva Myhrberg

I´m not sure about which year I met Monte for the first time. It was in the early nineties I think. It was here in Sweden, in Wäxjo at a dream seminar at Kerstin Andersson`s house. I think that my first impression was that he really saw us very soon. We were new for him, except for Kerstin, but very soon he knew our names and his attention to everybody was remarkable. He was already then an old man and he had made a long tiresome journey, but still...

After that I met him in similar circomstances in Sweden taking part in dream-groups a couple of times before I took part in a dream-group seminar in Ardsley together with Kerstin and some other people from Sweden. I think it was in October 1998. Before that I had Kerstin as my mentor when training to get a diploma, because when I got retired from teaching I decided to continue with dream-group working.

Already in the 1980's I have arranged dream -groups here in my town with qualified leaders such as Kerstin and others. I took part in the groups and got more and more fascinated in what happened during the work. In that way my interest for working with it myself became larger and larger.

I got the diploma in 2002 and since then I have been running one or two regular courses over the years and some week-end courses.

Working with dreams has given me a deeper insight in what is going on inside us which seldom or never comes to our conscious knowledge and also that we are able to make something with it, to handle things, if we are conscious about what our past - or present - is doing with us.

When I am out talking about dream - group - working I use to call it a kind of childbirth. It´s what people often feel.

Right now I´m running two courses over the year. We meet - one group once a month and the other every fortnight. The problem is that they never want to stop!!

I still can see in front of me Monte´s observant, interested eyes, his total concentration on the dreamer. I also was fascinated of his eternel "fishing" when trying to bring the dreamer deeper and deeper in contact with his/her dream. I am really happy to have had the opportunity to meet Monte and to have been his "student".

When I sent a birthday-greeting to his 90th birthday I´ve got a nice letter back - which I hadn´t expected - just for a birthday card.

Monte was a person one is thankful to have met.

Eva Myhrberg (eva.myhrberg[at]