Montague Ullman interviewed by Deborah Hillman

Montague Ullman interviewed by Deborah Hillman*

In this 1:24 hour DVD Montague Ullman talks at length about his personal history and development and general principles of the dream group process, and his view of dreams and his philosophy of life. It does not go through every stage of his dream group process like the complementing video by Ingrid Blidberg, which focuses on process stages.


*A Note on My Interview with Monte:

Monte felt an affinity with Trigant Burrow, the founder of Lifwynn, and was closely allied with the work of The Lifwynn Foundation for much of his life. My interview with Monte, in April 2006, was sponsored by Lifwynn, and held at Monte's home in Ardsley, New York. The last-minute cancellation of a cameraperson created some problems, greatly affecting the spontaneity of the process. Nevertheless, the experience was deeply meaningful to Monte and me, and represents his own summation—near the end of his life—of his long and rewarding devotion to dreams and healing. Monte (less bothered than I by its technical flaws) was pleased with the tape, and that is what mattered most to me.

—Deborah Hillman

atch the Dream
In this 35 min DVD Montague Ullman talks about his dream group process going through its stages.