Dear international guests,


Finnish Dream Group Forum ("Surf - Suomen UniRyhmäForum") arranges a small-scale dream seminar Sept. 26.-28.08, this time as a mini international gathering.
The most important thing would be to get together, share experiences, participate in dream groups. No fancy lectures, no need to prepare reports etc. The place where we organize our seminars is very special also, quite modest but with exceptional philosophy and a special atmosphere. Because of this the expenditures are not great either. We have had our seminars there twice, and have actually enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere which has enriched our quest for appreciating dreams.

Friendship Inn

Our seminars have taken place at Friendship Inn, located midway between Helsinki and Turku. The English pages are at - it is a place with very informal, interesting atmosphere and a philosophy of a commune, you might even call it bohemian in character. There are only few single rooms, most have to share a room. Most rooms have a toilet, but none have a shower, there are showers in the corridors. And of course, since this is in Finland, the important place to clean oneself is sauna and a beautiful lake to jump into after the sauna. Saunabathing, of course, is included in the program. Meals are included in the stay, the food is basic Finnish food, simple but usually very tasty.
The date is September 26-29, 2008, beginning Friday 5 P.M., ending Sunday around 4 P.M. The weather at this time is still usually quite nice and relatively warm but of course the weather is always unpredictable. The autumn colors might be very vibrant.


The cost, including meals and accommodation is 100 euros per person for the whole seminar. Please pay it to Markku Siivola's account, whose IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is FI69 1031 5001 8388 04 and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is NDEAFIHH. Using these identifiers it is usually the cheapest and easiest way to transfer money internationally and is now free of charge in much of Europe.

Please write as payment message for example: "Dream Group Forum seminar 2008" or simply "Surf-seminar 2008" and of course your name!


Note that Friendship Inn wishes that the participants have their own sheets, but if needed, they can be hired for 5 euros. 
In this program we have planned three 2˝ hour time slots for dream groups, they can be also other than Ullman groups, and if any international guests attend, led by them also. The language of the dream groups will be determined by the participants.
If you are interested we could plan more things to do here in Finland.


The current registration status



The seminar has proved to be so popular that as of today (June 16, 2008) the seminar is full. There might be cancellations and therefore we do have a waiting list.


For more information please email to - We'll keep you posted as the planning advances.