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Markkula is the Siivola family summer cottage named after the son of the man who ordered it to be build. That man was Vilho Siivola, Finnish actor and director and the son was Markku Siivola, my father.

The building is located in Loppi a southern municipality in the Finnish principality of Häme, and is located around an hours drive from Helsinki North. 

The building was built in 1947 from raw materials that came from an old timber grain storage (a riihi). Hence the wood of the house is around 100-150 years old, and still going strong.

Markkula has a special meaning for us as it is a combination of museum, summer cottage and a playground for big and little children. The place is very much in touch with the past through some of the items located, and constantly updated, inside. At the same time it is designed to be a pleasurable place for people to spend their time today.

One of the jewels of Markkula though is its sauna. Especially during the summer, after a good "löyly" (the name of the blast of hot air in a sauna) with some sausages and cold beer the view is spectacular as the sun slowly creeps towards the Northwestern horizon.

The sauna experience itself is very good as the classic wood heated sauna delivers firm yet soothing löylys. In the summer instant refreshment is available in the lake. During the winter a hole in the ice is sometimes cut, although it is not recommended for the weak of heart (literally), a more sane option will be to roll around in the snow.  


Markus Siivola


Here are driving instructions to Markkula

Markkula is the Siivola family summer cottage and has

a very special place in our hearts and lives.

The view towards the local town Loppi over the lake Loppijärvi

from the veranda of the sauna.


A picture of the sauna taken from the lake



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