Welcome to DREAMFIELDS - billboard for Ullman dream group international announcements!

Dreamfields is on Facebook. If you cannot access Facebook, you can leave your announcement to me, and I will post it to Dreamfields. You may find my contact info at http://siivola.org/markku/contact.html


Dreamfields is Montague "Monte" Ullman's Experiential Dream Group Process, a global information channel for exchanging and sharing Ullman related dream group events and activities.

Dreamfields' *focus* is directed solely to Ullman-related dream group activity.

Dreamfields' *goal* is to facilitate inter-/intra-national co-operations leading to activity between Ullman inspired individuals and Ullman dream groups, such as visits and excursions to other dream groups, arranging dream group sessions, gatherings, lectures, presentations, etc

Please post only short announcements, with links to source info, if possible.

We invite you to share your questions/answers/announcements with each other.

Questions and suggestions for developing this Dreamfields channel are welcome!