Understanding Dreams:
The Gateway to Dreams
Without Dream Interpretation

How to understand dreams without ANY intervening structure, such as interpretations, explanations, theories? This book is a practical approach to dreams including internationally renowned dream researcher prof. Montague Ullman's non-interpretative Experiential Dream Group Process guide. It also draws attention to common features of dream consciousness and waking consciousness, linking them to philosophies of religions, arts and sciences.

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We tend to believe that dreams...
  • have messages
  • mean something
  • can be interpreted
  • teach, guide or warn us
  • are symbols of something else
  • are separate from our waking life
  • can be understood by means of religious, psychologic or scientific explanations

Contradictory to your view of dreams?

How dare I challenge all this what you have used to regard as self-explanatory truths about the nature of dreams? And on top of it all ignore also the help of sciences and religions?

I have explanations against all those explanations!

If you really want to understand dreams, instead of widespread preconceptions, explanations and theories, you must abandon them all, take the plunge, and experience dreams in their own element.


It is what this book is all about.

Markku Siivola

1945: born in Helsinki, Finland

1968: as a young lad had a sudden life changing experience one midnight about how following established truths cannot ever lead to an authentic and profound understanding of life.

1970's: Medical Faculty years with residency in psychiatry, haunted by the narrowness of psychiatry.

1980: meeting prof. Montague Ullman; seeing for the first time how dreams can be opened without any interpretative violence to the dreamer.

1981: qualified as a psychiatrist.

Since the 80's has led and supervised experiential dream groups without interpretations, and has come to know that dreams point even beyond themselves to yet deeper dimensions of human soul, to those dimensions he, as a young lad, had once seen a long time ago.


Markku Siivola

Markku Siivola

M.D., specialist in general & liaison psychiatry, has practiced both in Finland and Sweden. Siivola began his collaboration in 1980 with prof. Montague Ullman who was an internationally renowned psychiatrist & dream researcher and who developed his Experiential Dream Group Process. Siivola introduced this process to Finland, and has trained dream group leaders with diverse occupational backgrounds around Finland. He has also applied this process as a supervision method both for somatic and psychiatric health care professionals, with profound effect.

Siivola created Ullman's site in 2000 in close collaboration with Ullman, digitizing Ullman's writings to Internet. After Ullman's departure in 2008 he also organized with Varida Kautner The Ullman Legacy; a source site dedicated to Ullman's life with writings from people who appreciate Ullman’s work. These texts in combination with Ullman's own writings constitute the most extensive reference site of Ullman's life work.

In 2003 Siivola co-founded The Dream Group Forum in Finland, which arranges annual dream group training seminars free of charge. He created the Internet sites for both Finnish and Swedish Dream Group Forums, being in the latter also an Honorary Member and a certified dream group leader & supervisor & teacher.

Cosimo published Siivola’s book: Understanding Dreams: The Gateway to Dreams Without Dream Interpretation in 2011. It is an English translation of his bestseller book in Finnish (Unien opissa, Kirjapaja 2008, converted also to e-book). He translated Ullman's book Working with Dreams to Finnish (Paljastavat unet, Karisto 1982). His essay Uni - tuttu tuntematon (Dream - The Familiar Unknown) on dream work was published in Jyväskylä University Psychology Report Series (1984).


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