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a group approach



By MONTAGUE ULLMAN,M.D., Clinical Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York


Foreword by John P. Briggs, M.D.


"Dr. Ullman's method of dream work is decidedly unique and interesting, one with which group therapists who experience themselves drawn to working with dreams, should be familiar... In this book, the exposition of that method is clear, comprehensive, and readily applicable."

- Peter J.Schlachet, Ph.D.


"Appreciating Dreams is an intriguing book .... The book can be a valuable resource for social group workers. Many of the principles and skills that are discussed can be translated and adapted to our practice. Read it and discover its relevance to improving your own practice."

-Helen Northen in Social Work with Groups


"Dr. Montague Ullman writes, with quite enthusiasm, from along experience of 'leading' (his word) small groups whose specific task is concerned with dreams. It is a demystifying book, free of jargon or technical terms. And the author encourages us as we read: to recognize this work as important and worthwhile - perhaps we too could convene or lead a group - or if we can't find a 'leader' it would be still worth trying out his method with friends .... The book has many examples of actual group experiences. It also has many suggestions for leaders and for group members as to how to proceed, or pitfalls to avoid."

-Robin Morrell in The Journal of the British Association for Counselling


As Montague Ullman writes, "Our dreams speak to us in a language all of us can learn." An eloquently written book by the dream specialist of our age, Appreciating Dreams develops a comprehensive technique for exploring dreams in small group settings. Learn the basic principles of how to help the dreamer using this particular technique, which is now known and respected worldwide. In addition to describing the structure of a dream group session, this volume offers practical guidelines to dream group leaders and those who want to study dreams, on their own or with others. Accenting a clearly articulated method, Ullman also considers how the dream group can be used within the larger framework of individual therapy. A stage-by-stage approach to understanding dreams, Appreciating Dreams shows how natural and effective dream work with groups can be.


CONTENTS: Foreword J. P. Briggs/ Acknowledgments/Introduction / A Dream / 1. The Dreamer and the Dream: An Overview / 2. Stage I:A Dream Is Shared/ 3. Stage II: The Group Takes Over/ 4. Stage IIlA:Back to the Dreamer / 5. Stage IIIB(l): The Dialogue Begins, The Search for the Recent Context/ 6. Stage lllB(2):Playback,The Dream Itself / 7. Stage IIIB(3): Orchestration, Harmonizing Image and Reality, Delayed Orchestration / 8. Stage IV: Follow-Up / 9. A Manual for Leaders / 10. Leading a New Group /11.The Dreamer/ 12. The Group /13.Forming a Group /14.On One's Own or with One Another/15.A Note on Repetitive Dreams /16.Dreams and Healing /17. Dream Appreciation and Therapy/ 18. The Future of Dream Appreciation/ Epilogue/ Appendix/References/Index


1996/304 pages/ $59.00(h)(0-7619-0127-2)/ $25.95(p)(0-7619-0128-0)