Montague "Monte" Ullman (September 9, 1916 - June 7, 2008)


This site contains various documents, old and new, from various sources, told by others and Monte himself. Some parts of this material already exist on the Internet, and some are unique and not presented elsewhere. This site will never be the final, complete work, but a living joint venture, a melting pot of materials. Please send your suggestions & materials you think would be appropriate for this site to Varida or Markku. If your material is included here, you will stay as the copyright owner. Your material may not be copied, re-published, e-mailed to other sites or be posted to listservers without your explicitly stated permission. However, it may be printed, downloaded or emailed for private use.

Varida Kautner

Markku Siivola


Main site of Monte's own articles

Short summaries of Monte's life

Wikipedia about Monte

Markku Siivola: Powerpoint presentation "Ullman and Universe"

From the Beginning

Varida Kautner: Montague Ullman: The Recovering Psychoanalyst

Monte: Biographical note

Monte: Dreams and Evil [noteworthy autobiographical account]

Curriculum Vitae (up to mid-eighties)

Research and experiences of Psychic Phenomena

Monte: The World of Psychic Phenomena As I Came to Know It

Monte: The Bindelof Story

Mark A. Schroll: From Bindelof to The Maimonides Dream Telepathy Laboratory: An Interview With Montague Ullman. Published in The Paranormal Review, 47 (July), pp. 3-7 

Mark A. Schroll: Montague Ullman's Brief Reflections on a Meeting with David Bohm & His Friendship with Psychiatrist David Shainberg

Sweden era

Monte: A Dream Grows in Sweden

Monte: Working with dreams in Sweden

Kerstin Andersson: The Birth of Dream Group Forum


Ullman Memorials in Clio's Psyche, Vol 15 No. 2, September 2008: Judy Gardiner & Paul Elowitz, Paul H. Elowitz, Mena Potts, Stanley Krippner, Robert Van de Castle, Wendy Pannier, David Lotto, Lloyd Gilden

A tribute to Monte Ullman - Dream Network Journal Vol 25 No 2 - 2006

IASD Lifetime Honorary Membership

Ingrid Blidberg: In Memory of Monte

Judy Gardiner: A Journey in Fragmentation and Wholeness

Judy Gardiner: Guidelines for Montague Ullman's Dream Group Process and Its Derivatives

Judy Gardiner: Montague Ullman -- The Little Prince

Louis Hagood:  Monte's Connectedness

Sven Hedenrud: Monte - The Incomparable!

Deborah Hillman: Remembering Monte

Deborah Hillman: Things That Mattered to Monte - Dreams, Authenticity, and the Proper Role of "Professionalism" in Dream Work

Eva Myhrberg: My Impressions of Monte and What Meeting Him Has Meant to Me

Markku Siivola: The Tale of Two Telephone Poles

William R. Stimson: Montague Ullman - A Retrospective. Dream Network Journal, Autumn 2008

William R. Stimson: Montague Ullman - Our Teacher. DreamTime Vol. 25, No. 2, p. 13, Fall 2008

Janet Wahl: A Memory of Monte. Mindbalance LLC, 2015



Audio recordings


Monte's legacy remains