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International Ullman Dream Group Forum
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Judy B. Gardiner: Cosmic Dreaming & Lavender

The International Association for the Study of Dreams

Paul Levy: A Synchronistic Encounter: Where Dreams and Waking Life Intersect - an interesting account about Montague Ullman's influence on Paul's life

Markku Siivola Understanding Dreams - The Gateway to Dreams without Dream Interpretation
Cosimo, Inc., New York 2011. The practical approach to dreams including Montague Ullman’s Experiential Dream Group Process guide.
(First published in Finnish as Unien opissa — unet itseymmärryksen palveluksessa by Kirjapaja Publishing House, Finland, in 2008)

William R. Stimson's dream articles - "Bill Stimson, whom I have known for over two decades, has always been a gifted dream worker.
He has the capacity to dig deeply and honestly and to come up with insights that are uncontaminated by waking biases."
-- Montague Ullman, M.D., Dream Appreciation 3(2). Spring 1998




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