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About this site

This site is the most complete presentation of Montague Ullman's, Sept 9th, 1916 - June 7th, 2008, life work beginning from the 50's consisting of his original articles about dreams and other related areas of human life.


Communication with the Webmaster

Markku Siivola, the webmaster,  is Finnish psychiatrist, born 1945. He has been working with dreams and computers since 1980. He became acquainted with Montague Ullman's dream work in 1980 when he participated in Monte's dream group leader's training in Sweden. He has translated Monte's book Working with Dreams into Finnish in 1982. Through the years he has led Monte's experiential dream groups for general public, professionals in psychiatry and  for personnel within somatic medicine. 

At his own site he has written about dreams. His English dream articles are here

His book about dreams and the experiential dream group process created by Ullman, named Unien opissa - unet itseymmärryksen palveluksessa (In the Apprenticeship of Dreams - Dreams in the Service of Self-Understanding) was published in 2008. It was published in English in November 2011 under the name:

Understanding Dreams: The Gateway to Dreams Without Dream Interpretation
Including Montague Ullman's Dream Group Process

Please send your questions and comments to markku.siivola@gmail.com